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Founded in 1955, Engineering and Development Corporation of the Philippines (EDCOP) is the pioneer Filipino engineering consultancy in the Philippines.

The company provides a comprehensive and reliable range of planning and engineering services throughout the Philippines from project inception, construction management to post-project evaluation.

EDCOP has moved and developed a national reputation for a responsible and dependable service. EDCOP is recognised nationwide and associated with the specialised professional consulting services required for land, water and energy resources development.

From being a power engineering consultancy company in the late 1950s, the firm has expanded to cover other fields of technical expertise, notably in:

  • Water Resources projects: water supply, multiple purpose dams and reservoirs, river and flood control, irrigation, hydroelectric plants
  • Environmental systems: liquid and solid waste management systems, environmental impact assessment
  • Rural and urban planning
  • Regional, city and town planning, utilities, tourism and industrial estates
  • Transportation systems and infrastructures: roads, bridges, piers and wharves, airports and railways.

EDCOP has been involved in more than 700 significant projects serving more than 100 clients. Its clientele includes the various departments of the government, government-owned and private corporations and the US government.

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